PMU To Tattoo

Welcome To Your Apprenticeship

Want to add body tattooing to your set of services?
This apprenticeship program is designed specifically for PMU/Cosmetic Tattoo Artists to take the leap into traditional body tattooing.  This apprenticeship will cover everything including designing your own flash sheets, custom design software, fine line and traditional techniques, shading and colour.

Course Structure

The PMU To Tattoo Apprenticeship is broken down into six phases lasting six-twelve months. Once you have enrolled you will be invited to a 1-2-1 video call to discuss the apprenticeship along with any questions, concerns and goals you want to set. Body tattooing much like PMU has many different styles if not more. We will work with you to make sure you are on the correct pathway to achieve you final goal.

Your first stop in your tattoo education and although less creative it is no less important. It is within this phase that you will level up on your current understanding of what it means to tattoo. You will enhance your understanding of power, machines and needles, tattoo ink and pigment science. Although tattooing itself is not a science, there is science in everything we do to tattoo.

Not everyone considers themselves an artist the first time they pick up their pencil, but through our in-depth yet simple strategy utilising different digital design software, you will find your feet, find your style and build creativity through strategy. We don’t believe in copy and paste here, we believe every artist should have the right to post their work to the internet without other artists replicating their original designs.

You will leave phase two not copying work, but understanding how to take a design from concept to creation, with reference and inspiration from the world around us, from other artists and art works but creating something that is all yours. You’ll understand the theory behind design, behind correct and aesthetically pleasing placement and how to print and apply a perfect stencil.

Phase Three is all things line work, and later in the phase, you’ll even get your first sessions on skin!
This is without a doubt, the foundation of your tattooing skill set and believe it or not, PMU techniques do not translate well into permanent body tattooing. You will work your way through a number of assignments, challenges and submissions to really perfect and refine your skill before you’re signed off to proceed with your first few tiny tattoos, and yes I really do mean tiny.
The purpose of these few treatments is to establish a certain amount of experience in the skin prior to attending your practical days at our studio as this allows you to really get the most out of your time with us by bypassing the initial fear and hesitation

Here you will truly refine and perfect your skill, solidify your style and grow your confidence. You will continue to work on models within your own premises and submit each treatment to allow us to truly customise and tailor the final stages of the programme around the artist you have now become. A lot of Phase Five is about getting the hours in, getting clients in the chair and getting experience in the skin.

It’s incredibly important for you as apprentices to not only see videos of all of these different techniques on both fake and real skin but also to have the opportunity to witness them in real life and real time.

Every class will witness a full demonstration showcasing a wide variety of techniques before going on to perform multiple tattoo treatments of your own designs, varying in size and techniques over the following 2-3 days

Here you will learn the art of Shading, including grey wash and highlighting, all techniques which can really bring your tattoo to life. Alongside mastering your shading skills which in turn will enhance your creative flare and direct your style of tattooing, you will be finalising your design work in preparation for your 3 days of practical training.

You will then book and prepare for your final 2 days practical at our studio. These will be some of your last but most challenging assignments. Based on your developed style, you will be put in direct contact with a minimum of 2 clients who will give you a brief to which you will be required to design and execute a custom tattoo just for them. You will then complete your final 2 days of training. On your practical training and throughout this programme you will be completing self-assessment reviews to ensure you have awareness of your own skills and limitations, providing you with a well-trained eye for detail.

It is here where you will continue submission of all tattoos performed with continued self-assessment, and treatment targets for measurable development with our support and guidance. Once certified, you will receive certification with your personal registration number, be listed on our artist registry and gain access to our bonus colour modules.

If you are interested please get in touch for more details.